We Believe That...

  1. Every student is capable of getting As (we'll show you how!).
  2. No one should be ashamed or embarrassed to admit that he or she is concerned about grades (after all, grades are the currency of college!).
  3. Students have a right to know what counts for the grades and what they can do to get good grades (we'll show you how to find out!).
  4. The way to getting As is usually not by working harder, but by working better (once you understand the professor's expectations, you might not only work less hard, you might actually enjoy what you?re doing!).
  5. The only professor that really matters is -- not Lynn or Jeremy -- but your professor (we'll show you how to partner with him or her!).
  6. Most professors would like to give their students A's (we'll show you how you can make it easy for him or her to do so!)
  7. Every Professors' Guide product should deliver double the value you expect (if you don't feel you've gotten double your money's worth, e-mail us at jeremy@professorsguide.com. We'd like to hear about it!)
  8. When grades are discussed -- clearly and openly -- among all members of the 'grading' community, there will be a leveling of the playing field at the American University (first-generation-. minority-, and returning-students will understand the grading-'code' just as well as more experienced students, and will have a truly equal opportunity!)
  9. When students understand what they can do to get good grades, the amazingly high drop-out rate at many American Colleges (at some schools over 50%) will be reduced, and more students will enter the work-force with the skills needed to effectively compete there (wouldn't that be an achievement!).

BONUS BELIEF: if, for whatever reason, you are unable to afford The Secrets of College Success, please click here (we'd like you to have a chance at getting good grades, too!)